Simran in Petta Trailer is the Simran We’ve Been Waiting For All These Years!

Welcome back, queen!!

In the 90s and early 2000s, the Tamil film industry had a variety of films coming out every Friday. From romantic comedies to serious dramas, actors and movies were aplenty and moviegoers had the pleasure of knowing what a film was like even before reviews hit the papers. It was simpler times, with fans repeatedly rooting for the few talented stars who ruled the roost. However, if one were to mention an actress from the Tamil industry who truly demanded your attention on screen, one name echoed by habit – Simran.

Tall, slender, a smile to die for and eyes that spoke a thousand words, Simran was more than just a pretty figure on screen; she emulated each character with such dignity and deft, there could be none like her. A Lady Superstar in her own right. Most films starring her became super hits, with her performance being praised. Be it her dancing that did the trick, her fashion statement, or her performance that moved you to tears Simran always shone like a beacon in all her roles. Remember her playing the stepmother of a little girl in Kannathil Muttamitaal?

Like several stars, she went on a hiatus, with fans often wondering when would she come back. Would it be this year or the year after? A project that she’s done before or completely out of the box? After a special appearance in the 2005 film Inidhu Inidhu Kaadhal Inidhu, the actress took a three-year hiatus and returned with a role that we can’t forget too easily. As Malini Krishnan in Vaaranam Aayiram, she played a role that was reminiscent of Indira Thiruchelvan from Kannathil Muttamitaal. She played a loving mother, a loving wife, but mostly a strong woman who is fiercely devoted to her family and has a mind of her own, wherein her own stance cannot be shook if it concerns her family.

From there on, while there were a score of other films, none hit us home the way her older films did. So bearing nothing in mind, if you watched the recently released Petta trailer and watching Simran impress in a mere few shots, one can’t help but root for her. A role alongside a stalwart, in a film whose strengths lie in the casting, Simran shines in those few seconds, getting you hooked with the utterance of those few lines in the trailer. Evergreen indeed, she appears comfortable and more than that, there’s a sense of confidence in her. For fans around, Simran is back with her signature infectious smile and a screen presence that demands your attention.

Watch the trailer here:

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