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Short Tempered? Here’s How You Control Your Anger!

Here are few ways that can help one hold their horses!

Temper is an inbuilt human characteristic. It is ease for some of us to get angry, while a few of us are blessed with a reasonable temper. When patience is on its last thread, we say anything! The occasional outburst is natural, in fact it is good to blow the steam off once in a while rather than pent up anger. But if you are the one who gets unreasonably infuriated or enraged, it’s time to self assess. Anger is something that only an individual can control, elders may advise you to meditate, friends will ask you to take a chill pill, but what works for you is something only you will know. Here are a few ways that can help one hold their horses:

Count to ten

While this is the oldest trick in the book, it is said to be the most effective. In your head, you just need to count till 10.If very angry, a hundred will work. The technique doesn’t just delay your reaction but it offers you a distraction. See how this works, or else try point two.

Be alone

If you find your temper rising and feel like the place is adding more stress to the situation, find a place with some fresh air and take some time off. Be completely alone for a few minutes and see how you can calm your nerves. Sometimes a minute alone works magic in such situations.

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