She Has Various Affairs And Poshika Is Not Safe: Thaadhi Balaji’s shocking revelations

Shocking revelations by the comedian!

Balaji, famously known as ‘Thaadi’ Balaji, remarried his wife Nithya and they had a kid Poshika. However, all did not go well between the two as Balaji suspected Nithya of having extra-marital affair and ever since Nithya has accused Balaji of trying to allegedly murder her and her child. However, post-Bigg Boss, it looked like it that Nithya and Balaji worked things out between them and were almost together.

In a shocking incident, Nithya has yet again filed a complaint against Balaji for allegedly giving her death threats. Nithya lodged a complaint at the Madhavaram police station in Chennai alleging that Balaji is back to drinking heavily and abusing her and Poshika mentally and physically and posed murder threats.  She has also alleged that he brings his friends and rowdies to the house to drink liquor and they all spread defamatory stories about her on Whatsapp.

Claiming all these allegations as falsehood, Thaadi Balaji, in a press conference made shocking statements.

“A wife must always feel proud when her husband achieves, but I have only seen jealousy in my wife’s face. Nithya was a full-on actor in Bigg Boss. When my child Poshika wanted me to see all by herself, she fought with the team and asked them to let her in too. If I’m heartbroken today and do not have a family, its because of Nithya and SI Manoj Kumar. They teach my kid to talk to me in a certain way and I’m pretty sure she isn’t safe with them,” stated Balaji during a press conference.

He added, “Let them not even show me my kind, but if Poshika is with Nithya, her future will be ruined and devastated.”

He further stated that Kamal Haasan had advised him to concentrate on Poshika’s education despite their tiff. When there was a Bigg Boss get together the guests also blamed Nithya of not changing herself one bit.

On asking if Nithya’s complaint was completely false, the comedian responded, “No, I’m not a drunkard. Ask any physician to check me on that one and they’d prove this medically. Post Bigg Boss, I lived at my mom’s place and I still do. Nithya’s complaint has been confirmed false by the police department themselves. I haven’t visited her house and neither has she allowed me to meet my daughter. After a week post-Bigg Boss, Nithya borrowed Rs.60,000 from me and has only been in contact with me for money.”


He said, “She has various affairs which include an inspector and a gym trainer too. If she stays away from unnecessary technology addictions and affairs, she would happily lead a great life. ”

Nithya runs various women organisations and is the head of the Women’s Party and that apparently did not go down well with Balaji. A case had been registered and proceedings have begun.

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