Breaking: Bigg Boss Fame Nithya Lodges A Death Threat Complaint Against Her Husband Balaji!

Yet another death threat!

Balaji, famously known as ‘Thaadi’ Balaji, remarried his wife Nithya and they had a kid Poshika. However, all did not go well between the two as Balaji suspected Nithya of having extra-marital affair and ever since Nithya has accused Balaji of trying to allegedly murder her and her child. However, post-Bigg Boss, it looked like it that Nithya and Balaji worked things out between them and were almost together.

In a shocking incident, Nithya has yet again filed a complaint against Balaji for allegedly giving her death threats. Nithya lodged a complaint at the Madhavaram police station in Chennai alleging that Balaji is back to drinking heavily and abusing her and Poshika mentally and physically and posed murder threats.  She has also alleged that he brings his friends and rowdies to the house to drink liquor and they all spread defamatory stories about her on Whatsapp.

Nithya runs various women organisations and is the head of them which apparently did not go down well with Balaji. A case has been registered and proceedings have begun.

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