Sania Mirza is a mother to a baby boy!


Ace Tennis star Sania Mirza and cricketer Shoaib Malik are parents to a baby boy! Sania gave birth to her son early this morning, with the Pakistani cricketer taking to social media to announce the arrival of their baby.

“Excited to announce: It’s a boy, and my girl is doing great and keeping strong as usual,” he wrote.

Back in April this year, Sania announced her pregnancy in the cutest announcement possible. Sania tweeted the picture of a set of three lockers – with her jersey and her husband Shoaib Malik’s jersey, and a third locker which says ‘Mirza-Malik’, in the middle hinting that the baby will have both their surnames – a gender role slamming parenting.

When she was six months into her pregnancy, in an exclusive interview with JFW, Sania spoke about how pregnancy wouldn’t stop her from achieving her goals.

“I feel like marriage hasn’t changed me much. I have grown more patience after it but I am still my own person and Shoaib is who he is which is exactly what I wanted and fell in love with. Motherhood is incredible because of it a new stage in life that my body is going through and am enjoying it. When I broke the news to Shoaib he was just ecstatic! Even family for that case, I am 6 months into the pregnancy and with every month the bond is increasing, and I am showered with love!” she said.

She further spoke about her 2020 plan and why motherhood wouldn’t stop her.

“I have always been asked what keeps me motivated or inspired and I always say I don’t have that planned, I am just driven. I have the will of wanting to compete for myself, for my country and that is the only comeback motto that there is. There is no other explanation or inspiration I look for. I just want to and have the need to get back out there. I miss it right now, the feeling of victory, the feel of competition, and the emotions you leave out to give it all on the court, and I miss it all! 2020 is still way off and as a woman, I feel that pregnancy should not be a deterrent in career, it should basically empower and inspire you.  In fact, it should make you want to achieve your goals in life even more. That is what pregnancy is to me so 2020 seems perfect for a comeback year.”

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