Revisiting Va Vaathi Singer Shweta Mohan’s Soulful Melodies!

Nee Korinaal,Enna Solla, Maya Nadhi and more..

Think of a quiet evening, you are traveling with the music on in your earphones. And yes, now try tuning into the singer Shweta Mohan’s playlist. Magic right? Recently she was all over the media with her Vaa Vaathi. Taking advantage of this occasion  we have curated a list of songs sung by her which eased our ears and carried us all away with its notes. Shweta has sung over 650 songs including Ini Achcham Achcham Illai, Vizhiyil Un Vizhiyil, Nee Koorinal, Jodi Nilave etc.. 


Vizhiyil un vizhiyil – Kireedam (2007) 

 Vizhiyil un Vizhiyil reminds everyone of their first love. The innocence of Shweta Mohan’s voice adds magic to the song. The soothing melody, convincing lyrics and calming voice of Shweta made sure this song is there in everyone’s playlist.

Nee Korinaal – 180 (2011)

Shweta Mohan has a list of love songs that can melt anyone. Nee korinaal is one of those songs, which made us all fall for our loved ones time and again. Shweta and Karthik’s voice is the foreseeable factor which makes sure we listen to this song everyday. 

Nee Paartha – 3 (2012)

Shweta Mohan’s Nee paartha vizhigal from 3 has a separate fan base. The chemistry between Shruthi Haasan and Dhanush is undeniable. Vijay Yesudas and Shweta gave us a soothing song to revisit our school love. 

Kalaarasiga – Ambikapathy(2013)

Kalaarasiga expresses the pure, unconditional love a girl has for her lover. A.R Rahman – Shweta, an underrated iconic duo made us all go crazy for this song.

Kannilae kandathai
Kayyilae allum kalaarasiga…

Innum konjam – Maryan(2013)

Innum konjam from Maryan is again an amazing song from A.R.Rahman and Shweta Mohan’s vault.  This song perfectly describes the longing of couples, Vijay Prakash and Shweta’s voice did justice to the emotions of the song. 

Innum pesa kooda thodangala, en nenjamum konjamum nerayala,

Ipo enna vittu pogathae, enna vittu pogathe!

Yaarumilla thani arangil – Kaaviya thalaivan(2014)

Yaarumilla belongs to the list which talks about love and desire of a woman. The way it narrates the love of a girl she has for her guy as a voice that guides her. Shweta sang it beautifully and delivered the emotions of the song perfectly. 

Yaarumilla thaniyarangil oru kural polae nee enakkullae yengo irundhu nee

ennai isaikkiraai!

Mazhaiyin saaralil – Aaha kalyanam(2014)

Mazhaiyin saaralil perfectly captured the hesitation and confused feeling of a girl to guy. Shweta’s soothing voice delivered it perfectly. This song never goes out of any girl’s playlist, we also have the boys vibing to Mazhaiyin saaralil within their earphones. 

Enna solla – Thangamagan(2015)

We can never find a couple who don’t vibe to Enna solla from Thangamagan. Enna solla embodies the newly married couples emotions. Shweta’s voice set the stage for later songs with a hint of sensuality and romanticism. This song talks about the newly started life of Tamizh and Yamuna and the closure they share and Shweta delivered it effortlessly.

Maya Nadhi – Kabali(2016)

Maya nadhi is a perfectly curated song, which is composed by Santhosh Narayanan and soulfully sung by Pradeep Kumar and Shweta Mohan. Whereas every song talked about love and desire this song talked about longing and yearning of a couple who was separated for 25 years. Shweta made sure she conveyed the emotions through her voice and she absolutely did it. 


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