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Respected Sakthi Of Bigg Boss, How Dare You!

How dare you!

Written by Radhika Ramesh

Respected Sakthi,

Like any other person in Tamil Nadu, I am an ardent fan of Bigg Boss. However, I do not watch it for mere entertainment but also for my ‘Thanga Thalaivi Oviya. It’s not just men but even women are in love with Oviya because she represents the 21st-century woman. Most of us loved yesterday’s episode because Oviya finally made everyone understand her worth and value. She made you housemates realize that she lacks a family and that she considers you’ll to be one or at least trying to consider.

The episode where Gayathri and Oviya turned out to be reporters was really brilliant. As an audience, we got to see a lot of true faces and we got to see yours as well.

However, amidst the happy episode, something about your character and ego disturbed me on another level. What do you mean when you say you get angry for hurting a man’s ego because it’s something different? You said, “I do this even to my sisters if they make me angry or talk back to me,” and you also say you only raise your hand but never hit them. Firstly, if you’re trying to justify your actions by saying Oviya is like a sister to you, it’s not working. Secondly, everyone has a right to be opinionated (including your sisters) and tell you what they feel. If that hurts your ego, I’m sorry but you are truly demeaning your own character by saying something like this.

There is nothing known as a “man’s ego” dear Sakthi. Ego by itself is something which isn’t healthy. When you say man’s ego, it shows how much of gender discrimination would be running in your family. If someone hurts your self-respects, you have every right to justify yourself there but do NOT justify your ego.

Your friend Gayathri and you must know that anger and being straightforward are two different aspects. Getting angry because you want to is different. I have never seen the two of you being straightforward. On the contrary, I have only seen the two of you gossip about everyone behind their backs. So I guess you are kind of unclear about your own character.

Next, how dare you say, “When women come to fight thinking they are equal to men it isn’t right.” Can you kindly give a rest to your brain which is filled with sexism and misogyny? What do you mean when you say that kind of situation doesn’t suit you (Enaku idhelam set aavadhu)? When one raises their hand against the other, they will come fight you to defend themselves or even better, put you in your place!

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