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Respected Sakthi Of Bigg Boss, How Dare You!

How dare you!


That is exactly why we women love Oviya. She did the right thing by standing against you because you deserve it. What did you think? Your group of bully friends will talk what they want to and you will raise your hand whenever you want to and she should go to a corner and fear you? NO! That will not happen.

When you do this to any woman today, she will fight you and crush your ego along with it as well. You are a man, not a┬áSupreme being. On top of all this, you say your anger is justifiable because that’s what you understood then. So, Mr.Man you should have first heard the problem from Oviya directly before raising your hand, but, you didn’t. It’s ultimately wrong on your part.

I truly feel it wouldn’t hurt your precious, little ego to apologize. I’m so glad you love your wife and son but that doesn’t make your attitude towards other women right. If you get angry it’s about being honest but if Oviya gets angry she doesn’t have the right attitude? You sure you make sense, sir?

Dear Sakthi, we are in the 21st Century! Henceforth, bury your ego deep down the center of the Earth and come live a “normal” life and in peace.

Yours sincerely,

A Bigg Boss viewer, part of the Oviya Army and a feminist.



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