Remo Review: Who Needs A Story To Entertain Audience? Visuals And Music Will Do!

PC Sreeram and Sivakarthikeyan save a sinking ship!

If the movie PINK tried hard to get the message ‘No Means No’ across, Sivakarthikeyan’s Remo is two step backwards in that process. The film is a romantic comedy that follows the same done and dusted method of story telling.

SK (Sivakarthikeyan) is an aspiring actor who falls in love with Kavya (Keerthy Suresh) whom he meets on the road. Siva follows her and finds out she is engaged, but convinces himself that she's the one for him and cannot give up on her. He then stalks Keerthy Suresh and goes to the extent of cheating her by disguising himself as a female nurse (Remo) to work in the hospital where she's a doctor.

The story has nothing new to offer and conveniently makes Keerthy Suresh's fiance, the villain. Aspiring to be Kamal's Aavai Shanmugi part 2, the film fails to reach the cult status of the movie. The comedy is good at a few instances but it is mostly women bashing that keeps the audience whistling in the theaters. One particular scene with Saranya Ponvannan and Keerthy Suresh is a gem, but the rest of the comedy track does not leave a mark.

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