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Ramona Braganza: Fitness Done Right!

What an inspiration she is!


Ramona’s fitness regime mantra is a 3-2-1 programme which is wellness of the mind, fitness of the body and peace for the spirit. The 55-year-old trainer has specialised in the industry for the past 30 years. She recently finished training the lead actors of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ franchise – Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. “I have three walks of training in my regime – different kinds of cardio which also includes dancing, strength training and core training for your abs,” says Ramona.

The biggest problem, she adds, for successful fitness is to get it initiated which is a task by itself. Talking about other gyms in comparison to hers, Ramona says, “A lot of people join a gym and never go, because they are not well motivated or find it inconvenient.” Ramona trains her trainers in such a way that they come home and work out with you, which is convenient. What’s more is that this training does not even involve most of the equipment seen in fancy gyms and yet, every part of your body is put to good use in this process of exercising. From the heart to the muscles, cardio and strength training cover it all. There is also a meditation session either before or after the training that set the mood for the routine.

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