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Ramona Braganza: Fitness Done Right!

What an inspiration she is!


The post-pregnancy training begins with core, then cardio and finally, the strength which slowly gets you back on track physically and mentally. Fancy equipment always requires space and too much dependency on that will only stall your work out sessions. However, bodyweight training doesn’t require any such big machines. Once in the groove, that can be done at any location with literally anything that is found as a tool for exercise. “You can use water bottles instead of weights or pack bands that fit inside your bag and do it absolutely anywhere you want to,” says Ramona.

“Finally,” she concludes, “it is important to write down goals and set a time frame to achieve it. It is necessary to plan, to make it feel like there is some progress. Bodyweight training and home fitness do not just reduce exhaustion level, they always make you feel mentally strong and healthy. From this programme, I only wish for people to take away a better quality of life. Exercising elevates your hormones; helps you stay positive, and makes you smile more.”




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