Raatchasi Movie Review: Jyothika Saves This Predictable Film!

The saving grace of this preachy film is definitely Jyothika!

Cast: Jyothika, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Hareesh Peradi

Director: Gowthamraj

An ex-military woman Geetha Rani (Jyothika) becomes the headmistress of a government school situated in a remote location down South of Tamil Nadu. The state of the school’s facilities and quality of education deeply disturbs her. As she faces various obstacles from private schools and politicians, how Geetha Rani helps students and teachers identify themselves with class and quality is the storyline of the film. The story’s narration is similar to Samudrakani’s Saatai, but  Jyothika’s exceptional acting is the saving grace that  makes the film watchable.

The story is very predictable, it gives away most of the story and the interval scene somehow makes the audience predict the climax too. Some of the scenes are a tad bit unrealistic too. If the director wished for teachers to take away something good from the film, most of it wouldn’t have been possible like a fight sequence in the film where Jyothika is seen fighting hooligans. Yes, Geetha Rani is a military officer but what about a real headmistress, who is not able to defend herself? Although, we do wish we women are really as physically strong as Geetha Rani. Self-defense is crucial in this day and age for sure. Also, the antagonist is very considerate and caring. He is quite clueless about most of the situations happening around him. We wonder if the owners of private schools are really this considerate. If the story is being narrated bearing social responsibility in mind and is well-intentioned, some solutions would have been great, right? The obvious made us wonder if it this film is a reality or a fantasy.

The film has some major advantages too. The fight sequence was definitely refreshing. Jyothika looks fierce as she fights her enemies.  Her character development is beautiful, she is strong, fearless yet sensitive and beautiful at heart. But, most beautiful of them all is the relationship she shares with her father. The emotions portrayed are so wonderful to watch that many from the audience were seen shedding a tear or two. The little details like the importance of mother tongue, learning other languages, right to education, importance of extra-curricular activities to name a few are reflected beautifully onscreen through paintings. Geetha’s relationship with the students is yet another moment to look out for.

But, the winner without a doubt is Jyothika. She portrays the role of Geetha Rani flawlessly just like she did as Vasanthi in 36 Vayadhiniley and Prabha in Magalir Mattum. Poornima Bhagyaraj has little screenspace but she adds value to the film in the given time. The cinematography is slow-paced but the actors even it out with their roles.The background score and songs are average.

Produced by Dream Warrior Pictures, this film is one-time watchable for Jyothika, Poornima Bhagyaraj and all the actors who effortlessly carry this film on their shoulders despite the story being dreary.

Verdict: Watch it with your family for a good entertaining evening.

Rating: 3/5

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