Pongal on screen: 5 Movies that celebrate this Tamil festival!

Happy Pongal!

It’s Pongal and a huge festival in Tamil Nadu. Essentially celebrated in villages, it’s all about celebrating the new harvest season with the hopes of better harvest and blessings with the New Year. The festival includes yummy food and heading out with family. Here are 5 Tamil films that featured Pongal with the whole sentiments of the festival intact.




This film deals with loss, corruption, child trafficking, and leaves you super depressed. There’s so much sorrow and intensity in this film, leaving most sobbing. The film has the song ‘Pongalo Pongal’ that is all about being with your loved ones and gathering around in new clothes and welcoming the spirit of a festival. It’s heartwarming to say the least.

Watch the song:




The recently released Viswasam is set in a village and deals with the idea of family sentiments and love. Set in a village with most of the characters playing farmers or working in the fields, it briefly shows the fun and joy involved in celebrating Pongal at a more remote place than in the city. It also helps that the film released right before Pongal to bring in the much-needed spirit.



Pongalo Pongal

While this film is misogynistic, it was a commercial success at the time of its release. The film has inspired many Vadivelu memes that are popular today. The title of the film suggests the joy and lightheartedness each of the character brings in.



Bairavaa / Mersal

Two Vijay movies, with him playing the usual saviour to the masses, includes bits about Pongal that his fans love. While Bairavaa has him play a modern role with a more modern approach to traditions, in Mersal he plays triple roles with one of them being a man of the village.




This film has a cult status with Rajinikanth’s fans still quoting this movie as one of the best. It has the elements of a typical masala film that doesn’t disappoint. Right from the twists, turns, action, romance, and even celebration. This song ‘Vanthenda Paalakaran’ is a famous song set in Pongal and played during Pongal. Lyrics written by Vairamuthu, the song is said to be inspired from a Kannada poem about cows which Rajini had suggested. The poem is about the cow which is a deity and useful to the human. Vairamuthu grasped the core of the poem and added the details of cow being helpful and also added image boosting lyrics in the song to cater his fans.

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