PINK Review: Does Being An Urban Woman Mean You Are Of Questionable Character?

A brilliant film that you should not miss!

PINK is going to be raved for years to come and will be considered a classic of its kind. This movie is a positive step towards emphasizing the need for gender equality in the country. The movie rips apart every judgmental thought the society has towards its women. The story is about 3 independent women living in the national capital. They have rented a house in a posh locality of South Delhi and live life on their own terms. The girls wear short clothes, drink, smoke, party, work late and even have boys over at their place. The neighbors are not happy with any of this and keep emphasizing that they are ‘that’ kind of girls.

The movie takes off on a high note and is engaging from the word go! The first half has some nail biting scenes and will leave at the edge of your seats till the intermission. It is only in the second half you push back your seats and see the court proceedings unfold in front of your eyes.


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