Peranbu Movie Review: This Mammooty Starrer Wins Hearts!

Simple and powerful!

Cast: Mammooty, Anjali, Sadhana

Director: Ram

This is a story – a story that should have been normal, something everybody goes through and something everybody finds a solution for. Unfortunately, that is not how the society framed human nature to be because disability, transgender and sex are still looked down upon. That is what the very gist of this film is.

Director Ram has effectively proven through his narration and storyline that every one of the above mentioned is a force of nature and that nature has its own way of proving people that. Ram makes sure that this movie lets his audience understand the very same and take away with them a larger heart and a broader mind.

The storyline revolves around Amudhavan (Mammooty) and his daughter Paapa (Sadhana). Paapa’s mother has her differences with Amudhavan and leaves a physically and mentally challenged Paapa with her father. Amudhavan is left with challenges of bringing up a girl and also a challenged teenager who is slowly yet steadily turning into a grown woman who has her needs which includes sex too.

The doting father makes sure he caters to her every need whilst handling his own distorted life. The surprises that come his way are hard but the end will melt hearts like a marshmellow.

The bottomline is simple – everything that happens is only natural but the social stigma makes it worst for Amudhavan to accept a lot of things influencing his daughter’s and his life but he swims and makes it ashore sound, happy and safe.

The background is simple, the conematography is simple and so is the storyline but the reality will hit you hard. The message that comes through the film is powerful and strives hard to eradicate the undermining social stigma.

Mammooty has outdone himself yet again with his outstanding performance – a man with many emotions indeed. Sadhana’s acting has made us fall in love with the youngster and her strong character. Anjali’s role is subtle yet leaves us with an element of surprise. Every character in the film seemed to have given their best which has made the movie’s foundation strong and stable.

The screenplay is simple, the music is soothing and subtle. Overall, Ram has done justice to the script and the cinematography. He has proved his mettle yet again.

Rating -4/5

A must-watch film WITH YOUR FAMILY!

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