“Not All Heroes Wear Capes”: Hero Nurse Saves The Day!

Little acts of Kindness!

There’s a saying that goes like, “Not all heroes wear capes.” While in this world women are constantly fighting for their rights, many women are also silently being heroes as they rise and sleep, everyday. Recently, a Nurse, a hero without a cape, has helped save the life of a mere 20 year old who met with an accident.

Now, a question that might have probably come to your mind is, “Isn’t it a nurse’s profession to save lives day in and day out?” Well, the scenario is a little different. A young man of 20, Vasanth, met with an accident in Thiruvarur district’s Mannargudi, in Tamil Nadu. Vanaja, is a nurse at the Mannargudi government Hospital. Vanaja, who was returning with her family from Thanjavur to Mannargudi by car, saw Vasanth on a two-wheeler vehicle on the road beside her own vehicle.

Vasanth met with an accident as goats that were straying on the road came in his way. Vasanth fell down from his vehicle and suffered serious injuries before also becoming unconscious. Vanaja immediately got out of the car to check the man’s condition. On finding his pulse dropping, she immediately performed CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) first-aid on him and ensured that his pulse came back to normal.

Vasanth regained consciousness and Vanaja immediately called the ambulance and took him to the Mannargudi government hospital where he was treated. If not for Vanaja’s timely action, Vasanth may have not seen another day in his life.

Getting back to the proverb, “Not all heroes wear capes,” Vanaja is one such hero, who did her duty and saved a life instead of waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The story of Vanaja should reach far and wide in this world where many just stand and take photos when someone has met with an accident. Vanaja’s timely first-aid has given Vasanth his life back to him. We are ever grateful to women like Vanaja, who put their duty first!


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