Nivin Pauly’s Latest ‘Kanakam Kamini Kalaham’ Addresses An Important Issue!

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Nivin Pauly’s latest, ‘Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham’, directed by Ratheesh Balakrishna Poduval released recently. A satire-comedy malayalam movie, Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham stars Grace Anthony as the leading lady and Vinay Forrt, Sudheesh, Vincy Aloshious and Idukki Jaffar amongst others in supporting roles. 

As the name of the movie suggests, the movie is about Wealth (Kanakam), Woman (Kaamini) and War (Kalaham). A simple way to convey the narrative; Pavithran (Nivin Pauly) who is a junior artist and acting school instructor is married to Haripriya (Grace Anthony) who is a former serial artist and their marriage has issues. Pavithran plans a trip with Haripriya to bring his marriage life back on track. However, a bunch of unrelated people threaten his marriage life. How he handles the situation forms the rest of the story. 

The movie’s aim seems like it doesn’t have any important messages to convey. It is just a bunch of nutjobs ruining a situation and the comedy that comes out of it. It is indeed a good one-of-a-kind, one time watch movie that will surely make you laugh through its course. Although the movie does not have a great storyline or plot, it addresses a very important issue. 

An age-old social problem of men not being able to accept women in higher positions than themselves, more successful than themselves or women who earn more than themselves, exists till date. A lot of men find it difficult to take orders from their women bosses as their ego stops them most of the time. Largely, men can also not accept it when their partners earn more or are in better positions than themselves. While, this cannot be made a generalisation because there are men who don’t come under this category, this problem exists predominantly. 


In this movie, Haripriya is a former serial actress. On the other hand, Pavithran is a junior artist. The truth however, which is revealed through the course of the movie is that Haripriya is a much more successful and a better actor when compared to Pavithran. All through the movie, he keeps belittling her that she is ‘just a serial actress’ who featured in just one soap opera (which actually spanned 1000 episodes). In reality, Pavithran has featured in very minor and unknown roles and even his so-called ‘acting institution’ has only two students. 

It is not until we’re well into the movie that we know that Haripriya was forced to quit her career after her marriage to Pavithran. She also reveals that she married him only on the recommendation of Sivakumar (Sudheesh), a common friend and casting director who promises meaningful roles for both of them.  However, in opposition to what was promised, she does not continue with her career and he also does not bag great roles. 


Why this discussion is important is because although the movie is a comical one, it is satirical and brings out the realities of life. It is not until Haripriya is entirely provoked that she screams back for making her quit her successful career and for Pavithran belittling her at all times. Her addressing the issues in her marriage is also done in a very satirical, non-serious yet impacting manner. 

This is something that practically happens in many households even today and women don’t even argue to prove their point. They just accept that it is their fate to sit at home while their husbands fend. 

The character Shalini (Vincy Aloshious) plays the role of the receptionist in the hotel and she is the one who speaks on behalf of Haripriya when things go wrong. Initially, Shalini and Haripriya don’t get along at all and literally fight it out, even physically, like young children. But, when Shalini realises what Haripriya is being put through, she speaks up for her, questioning the men as to why women have to always quit their career. Women standing for each other and for a common cause was also nice to watch on screen. 

On the whole, the movie had a whole range of brilliant performances, but surely lacked a story. Through satire, it has brought out the grim reality of many things but has ensured that the audience does not become serious, anywhere. For its performances, satire and comedy that it brings out, it can surely be watched once!

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