Naachiyaar Review: To Bala or Not to Bala?!

All aboard the New Bala Express!

A Bala film with an ending that doesn’t make one want to bawl-a your eyes out is a rarity. With previous experiences of Thara Thappatai, Paradesi, and endless Cry-on, one is almost afraid of what’s to come next; but surprisingly Naachiyaar is different.

The movie revolves around Cop Jyothika – Naachiyaar IPS, who is so fierce there is almost a spark under the soles of her feet and a BGM full of metallic music when she walks. She is fierce and she will slit a throat for good measure when she feels like. A male counterpart of Saamy Vikram we suppose! She is designated to a case of rape wherein she has to investigate a pregnant minor, Arasi (played by Ivana), and the accused Kaathavarayan (played by GV). In due course of the investigation, Jyo realizes that Ivana and GV are in love and the case revolves around something a lot more bigger in which Kaathavarayan’s boss and a corrupt judge is involved; which is the premise.

Showing class disparity, one almost wonders if this is a Bala film with all the gore toned down to a watchable level; good for us who expects money’s worth when it comes to cinema entertainment and bad for those hardcore Bala fans. GV is easily the highlight of the movie and has actually proved his acting prowess for once unlike the string of coming-of-age films he usually does. Ever since Jyo announced her return to cinema, all her movies have felt like an attempt at comebacks but nothing has truly stuck – in Naachiyaar, Jyo shines like the talent she is but Bala seems to have been hesitant to sell his heroine to the ultimate bad cop-good cop routine, thus falling short of an impactful screen presence. Somewhere along the way like Jyo’s Tamil accent, the message of the movie gets lost! Newcomer Ivana fits the role, like a bullet in a gun! Far from the usual sob-fest and Saw-like torture, Naachiyaar seems to have softened Bala’s mind. Although this is finally a Bala some of us can get on board with, is it really Bala at his best? Watch and let us know.


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