Misses Of 2022: 12 Tamil Films That Failed To Create Magic!

Movies with a lot of potential that missed it by a whisker!

  • Captain:

Captain Movie Review: Arya's film is poor man's Predator - India Today

Shakthi Soundar Rajan’s Captain gives the idea of a refreshing film. But halfway through the movie, we wonder why logic is haywire and all over the place. We know that the intention of the film was to bring out a film similar to Hollywood’s ‘Predator’. Unfortunately, the movie could have done so much better. The movie’s biggest plus is that it was short. The Graphics used to create the alien creature were also not effective. There was no conviction in the establishment of the relationship between the characters and the storyline itself. Many scientific explanations were made incomplete. This undermined the value of proper sci-fi and rather makes it half-baked on the whole.

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