Master Movie Review: Vijay Sethupathi Steals The Show!

Movie: Master

 Cast: Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Malavika Mohanan, Andrea Jeremiah, Arjun Das, Gouri Kishan and others

 Written and Direction: Lokesh Kanagaraj

After almost a year’s wait, one among Vijay’s most hyped films Master hit the theaters today. First new film to be released in theaters post-pandemic, the first film that saw Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi together …. The movie had a lot of firsts and expectations but turned out to be a big disappointment. 

When Lokesh Kannagaraj signed up a film with Vijay a lot expected the depth he brings into his films that would do great coupled with Vijay’s intensity. Fans and non-fans were looking forward to seeing Illaya Thalapathy in a new light that would shine beyond just a mass hero. But to everyone’s dismay, director turned fanboy, to only deliver yet another masala cliché Thalapathy film.

 John “JD” Durairaj (Vijay) is the dean of student welfare. He is every student’s favorite and management’s adversary. He fights passionately for the cause of students while battling alcoholism. JD is sent to juvenile prison as a faculty for young criminals. There he uncovers a whole network of racketeering headed by Bhavani (VJS) who is further exploiting these youngsters. The movie follows how JD takes down this criminal empire in a series of fight scenes, mass entries, political dialogues, and a horde of characters who are plain needless. 

While the first half is worthwhile for all the clinched mass scenes, the movie breaks for an interval in quite a promising setup that would only make you believe that it is now when the movie begins. Unfortunately, you are mistaken as the second half is further only a colossal mess. Clumsily spaced scenes, complete lack of detailing, casts who come and go with absolutely no defined roles, all tied together with a big, bad finish. 

With a line-up of three strong actresses – Malavika Mohanan, Gouri Kishan, Andrea Jeremiah – why can’t a commercial movie such as this use the potential of a brilliant actress to the fullest. Not seeing them just as embeds in a Thalapthy film but giving them roles and characters that mean something. Malavika Mohanan is Vijay’s love interest and has a bit of presence in the movie as professor Chaarumathi. But other than that with a very sad screen presence that varies somewhere between just five to seven minutes a lot of us are still confused about what Andrea or Gouri even played. 

The best thing about the movie has to be the antagonist Vijay Sethupathi. The actor single-handedly got the theatre roaring with his gripping powerful performance that engulfed the audience. With an established backstory and a strongly written character he steals the show with his presence shining brighter than the hero himself. Another positive in the film has to be the sound track by Anirudh that adds to the oomph factor.

Overall, the movie is disappointing and dull! With all the noise it has created it could have at least entertained. 

Rating: 2/5

Importance for women in film: 1/5


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