Man Sells His Own Son a Two-Month-Old Baby Boy For Rs 22,000!

Hyderabad police rescue!

In a shocking incident in Hyderabad an alcoholic man and his wife sold their two-month-old baby boy for Rs 22,000 due to lack of money and underemployment. Madan Singh and Saritha, who work as daily wage labourers, told the  police that they sold their son because they have been unemployed since the lockdown came into effect.

The couple is said to have sold the baby for Rs 22,000 to a woman, who stays in their neighbourhood and it seems she wanted to give the child to her sister who had some issues. Their neighbour Seshu’s sister Devi who lives in Yellammabanda, was looking to adopt a child as she is childless. Seshu noticed that the couple was not able to feed the baby and approached them for an informal adoption. Accordingly, Seshu held negotiations with the couple and they struck a deal for `22,000. Both the parties even signed a written agreement in the presence of Yadamma, Aravind and Mahesh, other neighbours, as mediators.The couple also signed on a bond paper and handed over the baby to the woman on Saturday night.

The wife agreed that the husband was an alcoholic and was responsible for selling their child. However a case has been filed against Saritha as she was in compliance to the crime. Apart from the couple the case is also registered on the woman who bought the baby for her sister. The rescued baby was  was handed over to the Child Welfare Committee for further care.

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