Kollywood Needs To Start Giving ‘More’ To Its Female Leads!

Directors, are you listening?

However, when it comes to Kollywood, the number of female centric movies is very few. “36 vayadhinile” and “Snegithiye” is a couple of movies from the last few years that have focused entirely on the female lead. Movies like “Patchai Kili Muthucharam” and “Vallavan” show lead actresses in negative roles. Their characters still succeeded in making a mark. But lately, most of the movies that are released have almost no meaningful role for the female lead. So what is the reason behind this significantly low number in Kollywood?

Jyothika Snegithiye JFW


The base line is that, commercial movies sell better than stories with an actual plot. The numbers of movies that are made with a brilliant plot are less because it is easier to reach the expectation levels of an audience when the movie has a clichéd story line. A clichéd story line is also a safe story line because experimental and fresh ideas are the ones that come with an anticipation to succeed or fail. Also, the way female leads that are portrayed in movies shows the way we think of them. On one hand, movies are made with heroes chasing after their “beloved” heroines in a way that is unacceptable and not to mention, unrealistic. Heroines on the other hand are given roles that seem like it is their duty to act completely okay with the hero’s actions, before eventually falling for him.

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