Jackpot Movie Review: It Is Refreshing To See Actresses Do Full-Fledged Commercial Films!

We loved Jyothika and Revathi’s stunt scenes especially!

Cast: Jyothika, Revathi, Anand Raj, Yogi Babu, Rajendran

Director: Kalyaan

Two thieves Akshaya (Jyotika) and Maasha (Revathi) are smart yet crazy thieves looting those who are ignorant about the society. They team up to do some of the craziest loots until they stumble upon an old prisoner (Sachu) who gives them details about a priceless treasure. The duo decide to rob this treasure hidden in Manasthan’s (Anand Raj) home and use this opportunity to get hold of money with a motive to help all the little kids in need. Director Kalyaan is not someone who believes in logic in films. It must be entertaining, fun but he knows his responsibility as a director, so there is always a hint of social message in his films.

Jackpot is fun and quirky where the characters take the audience on an adventurous, humorous roller coaster ride. But, what makes the film superlative? The fact that the audience gets to see a full-fledged, commercial storyline with two female leads. In a wonderful twist, Jyotika and Revathi are seen cracking some jokes and breaking the bones of the bad boys with flying kicks and punches. To see Jyotika doing some Silambaattam and Revathi doing some stunts, gives the film a refreshing variation. It is also uplifting to see directors giving female leads scripts of a commercial film and entrust them with it.

Rightly so, Revathi and Jyotika carry this film effortlessly on their shoulders. Revathi just won our hearts with her impeccable performance (as always). Jyotika might have gone a little overboard with her reactions but she matches that slight glitch with her brilliant stunt sequences and that Silambattam which make us look at her in awe.

But, the clear winner would definitely be Anand Raj. He has done complete justice to the role that has been given to him. His timely jokes and limericks will definitely crack you up. The next in line would for sure be Mansoor Ali Khan. Although his screen time is short, he is a firecracker in the short time. Rajendran and Yogi Babu are good but they just are not up to the Maanasthan mark.

The storyline is similar to Gulaebhagavali, there’s nothing exciting about it, it’s mundane. It is agreeable that the director believes in more of entertainment and less of logic, but there could have definitely been a different narrative style that he could have experimented with. The cinematography is decent and the pace of the screenplay matches up to it. The background score and music is also decent enough and although one of the songs is superfluously placed, it isn’t much of a bother.

Overall, it is a winner as a family entertainer with glitches here and there that could easily be ignored.

Verdict: It is invigorating to watch female leads do complete justice to a commercial storyline.

Rating: 3.5/5




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