Ira film actor, Unable to Critic Review, Uses Newspaper as Toilet Paper!

Can’t handle a review?

Ira the Malayalam film has been in controversy since inception. Though to be about the Dileep-Actress abduction case it opened to lukewarm reviews and mostly negatives ones last Friday. Malayalam media house Mathrubhoomi publishing a negative review about the film and the cast has gone into a frenzy! Director Vysakh, who has co-produced the movie with scenarist Udayakrishna, showed his anger over the review in harsh words on social media.

The biggest shock was that from supporting actor of the film, Prasanth Alexander, who made a video to announce that he has decidedly going to use the daily as toilet paper from now on and went on to enter the toilet with the newspaper! Other media persons have reacted to the review as well.

A month back Shibu K Moideen the producer of the recent Malayalam film Queen hits back on film critic with a sexist remark, on a tweet that asked her to go fry some fish! It looks like the industry is unable to handle few criticism and opinionated reviews!

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