In Conversation with Nina Reddy, Managing Director of Savera Hotel

So inspirational!

Nina Reddy dons several roles. She is a hotelier, a socialite, a connoisseur of decor, a businesswoman, and an inspiration to women; She is simply the exemplification of #BossLady

Set foot in Savera, Chennai and one is immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia. The familiarity the place begins parallelly pleases one as does the hostess for the evening, Nina Reddy heiress and hotelier – Joint Managing Director. With an unmatched poise she tells us her story; Married at the age of 19, she shifted base from Hyderabad to Chennai, had quite the stint as an interior decorator before settling into the role she functions as now.

What has the journey been like?

“It seems like ages ago. About 25 years or more. One thing has been consistent over the years, that is my passion; Makings of me. I think because of the way I have been working, the way I think, I am able to achieve more than what I set to. People who meet me know I certainly walk the talk!”

How do you like being a hostess?

“I have always had a keen sense of responsibility. I am the eldest in my family and my parents instilled it into me. My influence has also been my maternal and paternal grandmother who had the strength to manage an entire joint family yet not dissolute their identities whatsoever. Such strong and inspirational women influenced me heavily. The passion to dress and carry myself well has come from my mother. Also, my father gave me plenty of life lessons which I hold dead even now.

How do you keep yourself level-headed?

“I exercise a lot. Every time I feel bogged down I go to the gym or go for a walk. I feel like most of the answers are within ourselves and in fact, I even have conversations with myself. The environment becomes inclusive when you keep practicing it.”

How has the family you married into welcomed you?

“It felt almost like a repeat of my childhood. I am the elder daughter in law and I quickly took on to ensuring the well being of my husband, his parents, and his younger brother. They were more than happy to leave decisions to me and give me all their love as well. I was completely at home with them. My father in law gave me several projects and assignments as well. It started off with organising my brother-in-law’s wedding, that’s when I had an epiphany regarding my knack for planning and management.”

Nina Reddy’s initiative as part of Savera brand’s CSR activities include working with National Association for Blind and organising activities such as car rally, cricket for the blind, etc.


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