I Am Very Fond Of My Ex-Wife: Karthik Kumar Is All Praises For Mirchi Suchi!

How wonderful!

Suchitra and Karthik parted ways after difference of opinion post the controversial Suchi Leaks. Suchi in an interview even expressed her disappointment on how Karthik should have never talked about her state of mind in a video and worsen the situation further while she was battling depression.

Meanwhile, Karthik did an interview in which he talked about how fond he is of his ex-wife and proud of what she has achieved. “My ex-wife is someone I think highly of and am very fond of. None of you know her although you all think you do,” he stated in the interview. Further talking about her entry into Bigg Boss, Karthik said, “Have never watched any program that involved people being watched and judged… We do enough of that shit in real life.” He also said it is, “A scary reflection of ourselves to ourselves.”

Meanwhile in an earlier interview, Suchitra opened up about her ex-husband. “I wish Karthik had not released that video because it confused a lot of people. It affected my work and my relationships. I was going through depression, but I’d have come out of it eventually. It could have been done in a dignified way. Eventually, Karthik, too, realised that it was a bad idea and took it down. I don’t blame the media as they were confused, too. Those leaks… who pulls out private videos of other people from the fraternity and shares it publicly? Who has got access to these videos and which big hand was behind this? All this really shook me. Till date, I have not seen even one of these videos. It is not because I don’t want to be informed about it. Somehow, I didn’t want to add one view of mine to those videos,” she stated in an interview with TOI.

Such is currently a part of the popular reality show Bigg Boss and is also a popular RJ at radio Mirchi.

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