How Parvathy Is Rewriting The History Of Strong Characters: These 7 Films Are Proof.

She is a fine example of act in actress!

Actress Parvathy TK treated us with yet another unforgettable role of hers as Pallavi in Uyare that portrayed what it is like being in a toxic relationship and why it is not worth it to give in to such relationships. Each and every role that Parvathy has essayed so far are versatile, inimitable and most of all, they are worth telling a story. Parvathy’s characters are not always serious, some are bubbly, some are light-hearted and some are fun to watch onscreen yet they all hold one thing in common – strength and courage.

Here are some of Parvathy’s characters that will stay in our hearts forever:

1. Kanchanamala – Ennu Ninte Moideen


Parvathy plays the role of Kanchanamala, a Hindu woman blindly in love with Moideen, a muslim man. Her character is a classic case of how compelling life incidents can be and yet how a woman can be strong and confident when it comes to decision making. It can be more precisely put as – when its right, it’s right! She won multiple awards for her groundbreaking performance.

2. Tessa – Charlie


What a beautiful love story that was between Tessa and Charlie? We love that chemistry that had a little bit of everything a tingling love story requires. Tessa was such a beauty of a woman and the way Parvathy developed Tessa’s character through writing is definitely unbeatable.

3. Sameera – Take Off


Needless to say, this was one of Parvathy’s finest. Sameera was one among the Malayali nurses captured by a group of notorious terrorists in Iraq. The way she portrays the suffering , still remains etched in our hearts.

4. Panimalar – Mariyan


Simple, elegant yet strong, this role of Parvathy made her much loved in Tamil cinema. She was no warrior who could fight but she was a true warrior of love and that helped her save the person she loved and respected the most.

5. RJ Sarah – Bangalore Days


Wasn’t she the sweetest yet the boldest? RJ Sarah would be a true inspiration to any new age woman trying to be strong on the outside but a sensitive young lady on the inside and knowing to balance them both.

6. Pallavi – Uyare


Pallavi wanted to become a pilot and she had everything it took to become one. But, her over-possessive, dominating boyfriend wouldn’t let her be her. Her struggle, her pain and her growth as an acid attack survivor was so beautifully emoted by Parvathy that every scene she cried in, jolted us.

7. Sophie – Koode


Last but not the least, Sophie was a soft-hearted character filled with love, empathy and courage. She was seen beautifully narrating Jenny’s story, making Joshua understand Jenny and mostly, made him understand what it takes to love friends and family.

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