Here’s Why Andrea’s Role In ‘Taramani’ Needs All Your Attention!

Yes, please!

It’s just a normal film like any other and it is not anything much related to feminism if that’s what you are thinking. Yes, Andrea plays an important role in the film – she’s the lead and there’s a male lead played by Vasanth Ravi. It is not any dark movie with a rather sad screenplay. It is something you would see, hear or experience every day or occasionally.

However, what makes this movie special is that, despite multiple flaws and not having a tailored storyline, it teaches messages that make sense. It talks about relationships, love, feminism misunderstanding, violence and tells you what is politically correct and what is not which will put you into an unusual way of feeling good.

While many have had opinions about the director overdoing the movie’s narration, I felt that it was only a cherry on top. Director Ram will give you a feeling that he is reading the story from your mind. It’s a good attempt. Taramani does not have one story in particular. It’s got different segments that give you a different social message in each.

Ignoring the flaws of the movie where it talks about cliches stuck to IT industry, the film talks about what’s important – liberalism in everyday life. For example, Andrea’s boss harasses her and wants to have sex with her. I personally feel that this does not solely occur in the IT industry alone. Being in a company or not, women face such situations irrespective of their working status.

What I loved about the film was Andrea’s brilliance. To me, this was her best role so far. She represents a liberal woman, in the sense, she does what’s comfortable to her despite what others around her are opinionated about. She wears what she is comfortable in even though she knows every eye is on her.

Her role as a single working mother struggling with no support from anyone including her mother, was spot on. They swear at her with words like “bitch” and what not for having a sexual preference, an opinion and being a free-thinker. But, that doesn’t hold her back to move forward and be who she is.

The movie is like this human being’s opinion which relevant to some and irrelevant to the others. Not everyone agrees with the movie but it feels like this story needs to be heard and watched. I’m not going to give away a single gist of the story but what Andrea represented is something rare, beautiful and worthy!

– A fan of simple yet good movies and Andrea.


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