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Dear Ganesh Of Bigg Boss, Where Were You When Bharani Tried To Harm Himself?

This isn’t right on many levels!

Bigg Boss gets interesting as days pass by. I, for once, have started watching it to analyze everyone’s character as their bonding varies from day to day. I have genuinely started to notice a characteristic difference in everyone beginning with Oviya and ending it with Raiza. We, as an audience also have a clear idea about who actually is trying hard to mingle with everyone and who isn’t.

I will never agree upon Gayathri’s change in character just because she realized the true colours of Oviya. She still continues the grouping, she still isolates those that are about to be evicted and she still is dominating. There isn’t much of a change there for me.

Aarav has been neutral and continues to be one. Sakthi and Snehan are still hothead and chameleon respectively. Vaiyapuri sir minds his own business but his habit of talking behind the back hasn’t left him, however, he still remains harmless.

However, three people have shown a major change. Oviya, who really has done her best to mingle with her housemates and has been seen breaking down about it quite often. I’m going to be a little biased here and I must say I feel bad every time she cries. For the past four or five weeks, we have only seen that woman stand up for herself no matter how hard it has been for her.

Raiza has been a snob after Namitha left the house. She is annoyed by Oviya and hence, decides to befriend Julie which was quite shocking. These two together only and the only gossip about Oviya and Aarav assassinating their character and creating hate speeches. They are singing hate songs, writing hate speeches. However, I also understand that they are being secluded by the entire group and so were Oviya and Bharani once upon a time.

I haven’t seen them bad mouth their housemates but these two do.

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