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Dear Ganesh Of Bigg Boss, Where Were You When Bharani Tried To Harm Himself?

This isn’t right on many levels!


So, dear Ganesh before you pity Julie because of Oviya’s “inhuman” activity, where were you when Bharani tried to jump off and almost harmed himself? Didn’t feel bad about that? Wasn’t that inhumane when an entire group including yourself demeaned him morally? Julie had the audacity to take revenge on Oviya getting the chance in yesterday’s episode where she purposely chose Oviya to make her walk the red carpet wherever and that looked fine to you.

The task read that she shouldn’t walk on the floor ever and Oviya, who felt her self-respect was at stake did what she had to do. Yes, it was harsh and yes, Julie fell down. Yes, that wasn’t right either. So that gives you the right to call Oviya inhumane? What about everything Julie did? Just because it’s physical it looked inhuman to you but when Julie demeaned Oviya for so many weeks mentally, that wasn’t inhuman?

Stop playing this biased double game in order to get a good name from everyone. You’re behaving just like Julie! Take your own stance first, think where and whom you want to stay with first, stop being selfish and then talk what’s wrong with the others.

You, of all people, shouldn’t talk. Afterall, you vouched to protect the women from Bharani who “apparently” put the women’s safety in the house at stake. You never bothered about the man who was ready to harm himself and still get out of the place because you along with the others decided to make his life miserable.

P.S. Please leave few eggs for your housemates to munch upon as well.

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