Chennai: Man Murders Woman For Protecting Her Daughter!

No humanity whatsoever!

Looks like it that even parents do not have the right to protect their children from predators these days. In a shocking incident, a woman in Chennai was brutally murdered by a man as she denied providing him the details of her daughter’s whereabouts.

Revathy, a domestic worker in an apartment complex in Guindy was confronted by a 30-year-old man named Vinod who demanded the whereabouts of her 21-year-old daughter Jeevitha; he reportedly wanted to marry her. As a result of a heated argument, Vinod, who was on his bike, cut her throat and fled off in his bike.

The Guindy Police reported that single mom Revathy had called off the wedding of the couple Vinod and Jeevitha which was due in November last year. An investigative officer quoted, “Vinod and Jeevitha had been in love for five years. They got engaged in March last year with the consent of both families. However, shortly after the engagement, the mother discovered that Vinod had many bad habits like smoking up, drinking and gambling. She didn’t want to spoil her daughter’s future so she called off the wedding. This enraged Vinod as he was preparing to get invitations printed for the wedding.”

The family had earlier filed a complaint to the police station of Vinod’s ruthless behaviour but they had let him out after warning him.

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