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Celebrities with Criminal Charges!

Salman Khan is convicted!

Amala Paul

Remember last year when Amala Paul was in trouble for purchasing a car for Rs.1 crore + and registering it in a Pondicherry address? The actress had claimed that as a frequent visitor to Pondicherry and having rented a home there, she was entitled to register her car as so but the Kerala High Court did not seem to agree. She had earlier been summoned on December 19th and after failing to appear she was forced to go on anticipatory bail. The judge had ordered her to appear in person on January 15th based on which her bail application went through. The case is still pending.


Actor Jai was arrested last year along with comedian and his friend Premji by Chennai police for driving under the influence of alcohol. Jai was said to be driving his Audi when he rammed the divider on the Adayar flyover at around 2:30 AM. Jai was arrested by the police and booked under sections 185 (driving by a drunken person or by a person under the influence of drugs) of the Motor Vehicles Act and 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way) of the Indian Penal Code. Jai was, however, later released on bail. Jai was involved in a similar incident in 2014 after he rammed into a divider.

Latha Rajinikanth

Latha Rajinikanth, wife of Superstar has been in deep trouble ever since allegations of her selling the rights to the movie ‘Kochadaiiyan’ illegally has surfaced. The Supreme Court today has ordered the well-known personality to pay a private distribution company Rs 6.2 crore, with interest, within 12 weeks. The order comes after allegations of a case of cheating against her. This after the film ran into a lot of post-production issues.

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