Bigil Movie Review: A little too much of “Thalapathy”!

Bigil is Thalapathy’s show. But, was it worth it?

Director: Atlee Kumar

Cast: Vijay, Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Yogi Babu

In recent times, where cinema is changing and witnessing a number of women-centric and making-of-a-team sports movies that have won hearts, Bigil comes in as a disappointment. AR Rahaman’s soundtrack Singapenney was how Bigil was first introduced before it hit the big screen. The teaser and the trailer that followed showed women in the front-play, making everyone believe or develop an idea of what the movie is going to be about.

Fifteen minutes into the movie and one realises that it is yet another commercial masala movie that will follow the timeworn genre of Atlee and Vijay combo.

The film follows the story of Michael, son of gangster Rayappan who’s fighting to change the plight of the people residing in his area. A bunch that has its roots set in poverty and rowdyism. Rayappan believes that football is an escape from this tag when his son becomes a star state-level football player and everyone starts looking up to him.

However, a twist of fateful events leads Michael to quit football and give up his career in the sport. Until years later Michael aka Bigil is pushed into coaching Tamil Nadu women’s football team for the Nationals giving him one more shot at a lost opportunity and his father’s dream.

In his journey, he battles sports, politics, corruption, gangster chase all while pushing the fifteen girls into winning the championship. Wow! It gets you thinking if it is really a movie focussing on the women or the game they play or the glory of a coach who is the reason behind their rise. Who is the movie glorifying in the end? Though it’s a fact that Vijay has established himself as a good actor in the industry, he is overpowering the film thus giving the whole concept a skip.

Everything in the movie becomes about Michael, what he says and does that even the girl’s victory seems to be his.

Apart from that, the movie tries to squeeze in too many concepts; father-son sentiment, romance, gangster and it gets a too cramped where none of the concepts fully reaches the audience. The sentiments are just not delivered, especially in the first half.

AR Rahman has done a good job and the visuals for the song Singapenney have done justice and has worked well. That is the only part of the movie that leaves a girl feeling empowered. Another thing that’s saving the movie are the girls! With the little screen time given, they have all delivered their part of the role brilliantly. Most girls in the team have their own back story that inspires but it’s too brief. Before one could connect, it’s over.

Nayanthara does not have any significant role and plays Michael’s love interest and physiotherapist. Overall, the movie is quite disappointing and although it may keep you engaged there’s nothing left to ponder about later.

Verdict: A predictable mass entertainer. Disclaimer: Not a woman or a sports-centric movie!

Rating: 3/5


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