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Bigg Boss: Thank You, Raiza!

Thank you for making sense!

I decided not to watch Bigg Boss after Oviya and probably up to an extent, after Julie left the House because I truly feel Oviya added some positivity to the show and Julie, well, she added some massive entertainment to the show. I believed that post-Oviya’s exit there will only be a lot of negativity surrounding it – the people. However, I decided to watch it because a lot of my friends kept talking about Raiza’s empowerment talk to Aarav. After watching it, I realized that turning human isn’t hard after all. Profit or loss, if a human becomes a “human”, that is, if they act humane, it adds flavor to the surrounding and now, to the show.

So Raiza, if you ever get a chance to read this letter, this is for you:


Dear Raiza,

Initially when I noticed you in show, I sort of passed a judgment (I know it’s wrong) on you. I guessed that you were just a pretty face and that you wouldn’t even bother to put forth your opinion. Rightfully, you did turn out to be that way. Your word “true” to everything became a famous phrase for all of us to use. However, I sort never liked you or hated you. Your makeup skills are extra ordinary, I must admit and you do love making everyone look good.

As things started getting worse, as the goodness started to fade and the true character started to surface, your voice and opinion sort of started bending towards those that created a negative impact and I could sort of empathize with you because they were bullies and you did not want to face what Julie, Bharani and Oviya faced and hence, you chose to do what Julie chose – just be taken under the “Bully” wing. Raiza, you just watched your first friend in the house struggle her way down to depression and you did literally nothing about it. In fact, you were a mild part of it too.

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