Bigg Boss Tamil 2: After Elimination Dannie Announces His Wedding!

Talk about perfect timing!

As each day pass by, the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil inch closer towards the D-day, where only one surviving contestant would go on to win the prize money and the second season. On Sunday’s episode, actor and comedian Daniel Annie Pope, who was adjudged by many to survive throughout owing to his strategies and cunning plans, has been evicted.

His eviction did not come as a surprise, and contrary to what other winners looked like, he was rather relieved to exit. He joins other contestants such as Mahat, Vaishnavi, Ponnambalam, Ramya NSK, Ananth Vaidyanath, Mamathi Chari, and Nithya.

Meanwhile, soon after his exit, he announced his marriage to his girlfriend, Denisha, something that he had to hide owing to a few personal/family problems. “I was unable to share this beautiful moment of our life with you guys until now due to some family issues. We seek your well wishes and blessings as we start with our beautiful journey as husband and wife,” he wrote.


Currently, at the Bigg Boss house, contestants Rhythvika, Aishwarya Dutta, Yashika Anand, Janani Iyer, Mumtaz, Sendrayan, and Balajie remain. It’s clear that it’s girl power with women outnumbering the men. However, the fights and squabbles between them are enough to put them against each other.

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