Beast Movie Review: An eye-treat for Vijay fans and nothing more!

One time watchable!

Lately, Movies are just a platform to glorify the male actors by leaving behind logic and plot under the blanket.

Hence nowadays, we go to a movie without any expectations of the movie being well-worthy of our time but that it would satisfy the bare minimum standards. Beast is no such exception.

The movie begins with Veera raghavan(Vijay), an Indian RAW agent appointed as a spy in a secret mission taking place in POK (seems like Nelson’s signature with his previous Doctor movie which too had a smiliar intro scene for Sivakarthikeyan set in POK) with tasteful fight scenes and heroic cuts that exploded the fans with a visual treat. Veera raghavan quits the force due to unforeseen circumstances that traumatises him thereby,he comes back to Chennai where he meets Preeti, Pooja Hegde in a wedding.

Preeti was forced into an engagement with a guy she doesn’t like and ends up meeting Veera Raghavan and falls in love right at that second.

The movie continues with a hijack in a mall where one of the hostages is Veera Raghavan.The movie also depicts the basic norms of cinema where the female lead is just another doll next to the male lead, but credit is given when due as pooja Hegde was given a high screen time as a bystander of all the unfolding events.

Aparna played by Aparna Das, an IPS Candidate who is waiting for her training is the home minister’s daughter who is also one of the hostages. It was disappointing to see that she was not provided with an aspiring role in the heist rather was provided with a cliche role where two women fight over a single man.

Director Nelson surely made situations humorous and funny when situations that need not necessarily have the space to be humours and had the audience laughing their hearts out.

As the movie flows there are numerous subtle sexist jokes that are so normalised in the society’s preview.

The movie had fight scenes that mainly patronised Vijay leaving behind other fighters worthless.

Anirudh’s background score, Manoj Paramahamsa’s Cinematography are sure to be appreciated in the movie.

The movie is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser that satisfies the basic standards of cinema however it is disappointing to witness that how basic are these standards.


Rating: 2.5/5

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