Aramm Movie Review: This Is Indeed Nayanthara’s Career-Best Performance Yet!

A salute to Nayan!

Gopi Nainar rose to fame when he filed a complaint against the team of ‘Kaththi’ for stealing a story which was originally his. The first thought that struck the viewer’s minds post ‘Aramm’ was, is it going to be similar to ‘Kaththi’? However, that is absolute false. Gopi Nainar directed ‘Aramm’ is one of the most realistic and hard-hitting stories of the year. Water scarcity is something concerning every nook and corner of the globe. No matter how many films use this as the foundation of their storylines, it would still be much relevant.

Based on real-life instances, the story revolves around socio-political issue which dumps its flaws on the rural sector of the society. IAS Madhivadhani (played by Nayanthara) is an honest yet stern district collector who is emotional about her people. In fact, it is the emotional quotient acted by Nayan and the supporting cast that has built the film strong. For a debutant, Gopi Nainar has definitely done justice.

The movie, which might add itself into the genre of a docu-drama is one of the most unique picks of the year yet. Stressing on the point that its absolutely realistic is not enough. The movie will make you want to get up and question those people who do not serve the people who are in need.

Talking about the acting, this is truly Nayanthara’s best performance till date. She has effectively mastered the Art of handling a film all by herself. She effortlessly helmed the film without a hero fighting while she gets into trouble. This only goes to show how far our film industry has come in accepting women-centric films and the transparency that has developed as a result. Nayanthara’s emotions in the film only goes to show why she is an actress who is no more ready for doing nothing but glamour roles and dance steps. Her emotions are on-point and we can only say that she truky nailed the emotional scenes.

The supporting actors have only enhanced the movie to look better. Ghibran’s music was absolutely apt and one of the best too. Cinematography was such that amidst the dry and dead lands, the emotions would make you glued to your seats for two and a half hours straight.

This movie has a simple storyline with no complicated twists or anything. However, what makes it worth watching is the emotional backdrop developed behind the actual storyline. It is definitely cry-worthy.

Verdict: Watch it for Nayanthara

Rating: 4/5


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