Andhra Pradesh: Death Toll Rises To 10 And Over 5000 Sick As A Result Of The Vizag Gas Leak!

Around 300 people have been hospitalised and are undergoing treatment!

Recounting the incident, Naveen, a resident of Venkatapuram, said, “Around 2 am, we were woken up by what people are now saying was styrene gas. Since it is summer, we had left the windows open. Our skin started to burn and eyes began to water. We couldn’t breathe. When we tried to leave the house but the gas was everywhere, like the winter fog. We could not see anything clearly, could not understand what was happening. People started falling down while walking on the streets. Children and elderly people were just falling unconscious.”

Visuals from the neighbourhood show children and adults lying unconscious on the ground, people carrying unconscious children and scrambling to find help, adults walking around crying and looking disoriented. Those in the vicinity of the leak, who are conscious, are complaining of a burning sensation in the eyes, and nausea. Some people were also vomiting after being exposed to the leak.

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