Aadai Movie Review: Amala Paul Shines Bright Like A Star And How!

An Amala Paul show all the way!

Sudhandhira Kodi (Amala Paul) changes her name to Kamini because she believes that Sudhandhiram (Freedom) should be at heart and in the mind. She works for a television channel and runs her own candid-cam-prank show. Her life is everything contrary to what the society says a woman must be. She is absolutely crazy, she is rebellious, thrilling and humorous. Overall, she is a bold woman who knows to protest and protect herself, something not many women characters are made of in Kollywood. Kamini is not someone who remains silent when violence strikes her. However, an office party she goes to along with her gang of friends gets wild so much so that she wakes up naked in an old building. What happens next is the baseline of the narrative.

Director Rathna Kumar may not have a explored the depth of the character but he has surely taken his first big step with Aadai. From Meyyaadha Maan to this film, the director has definitely taken a big leap. The film’s strength is definitely Amala Paul. This side to her makes us wonder as to where such actresses have even been? The character she has chosen to portray is what’s right with this film. Her role as Kamini only goes to show what women could do with their well-deserveing freedom which they have earned from a lot of struggle. Gone are those days when preachy and perfection defines a “good woman”.

Ramya Subramanian and Sriranjini have also done justice to their meaty roles.

The narrative is thrilling and keeps you glued to your seats but the flow of the story could have been better. There are times when the pace of the screenplay slows down and almost makes the moment dull.

However, the writer-director has used the crucial scene to convey the struggle and awkwardness women face. The struggle of self-protection in the society is a great challenge for a woman and the writer portrays that beautifully.

Kamini is a fun-loving and confident girl who turns into a vulnerable, helpless woman and the abstract of nudity is perfectly reflected onscreen with apt frames and lighting. Kudos to cinematographer Vijay Karthik Kannan who has successfully managed to convert Rathnakumar’s dream into a reality.

Humour and thriller goes hand-in-hand in this film making it to the must-watch list and easily one of the finest in Kollywood this year!

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