A practical solution for a release from the “Maayajaala” jail!

A heartwarming thought and a clearly a winner among eves.

The film opens to an interesting flash back taking the viewers a few decades back in time. Three girls, Gomatha, Rani Amirthakumari, and Subbulakshmi— best friends are seen living their hostel life under the strict supervision of the convent nuns. They are seen sneaking out for a movie on a Diwali night. The next frame shifts to the year 2016 and the adult version of one of the girls Gomatha ( Urvashi) is introduced to the audience (the link and the identifying element being the inhaler) setting the platform for the next 120 minutes.

Prabha (Jyothika), a documentary maker, is the to be daughter-in- law of Gomatha. Gomatha is handed over a gift given by her son who leaves to Qatar. The introduction to technology and how networking connects forms the backbone of the plot. Prabha introduces Gomatha to Facebook and helps her mother in law find her best friends.

Rani (Bhanupriya) is in Agra, with her politician husband (Nasser) and son are politicians. Subbu (Saranya Ponvannan), an aspiring beautician, lives with her drunkard husband Mangalamoorthi (Livingston) and looks after his ailing aged mother. Prabha takes it upon herself to unite the three friends and she plans a reunion for the three by taking them away on a three-day trip, telling them that they deserve to have
some ‘me’ time.

There is a feminist strain throughout the movie. We see the first instance in the form of a housewife rant in that Prabha documents (titled The Great Indian Housewives) for a channel. One liner from the actresses of yester years also keeps reiterating the fact that woman is considered as mere maids and are taken advantage of and how women and their dreams get trapped in the “maayajaala” jail called marriage.

Jyothika plays the catalyst here and she is clearly the hero of the movie. This movie ‘ Magalir Mattum’ should have been Jo’s comeback movie. Banupriya, Urvashi, and Saranya have essayed their role with ease reflecting their years of experience in the industry. Nasser and Livingstone were the supporting cast to show some male presence, their characters could have been etched out better with more depth rather than just being cast to compliment the woes narrated by the three women.

This movie has a message for the current generation and the men folk – give the ladies of your house their space and ‘me’time. This forms the crux of this movie ‘Magalir Mattum’. This movie will be a hit among the women of the previous generation and those probably in a midlife crisis situation. For the progressive women is an entertainer.

Verdict: A heartwarming thought and a clearly a winner among eves.
Rating: 2.5

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