A Daughter’s Heart Felt Letter To Her Father On The Eve Of Her Wedding!

A must read for every bride!

You are the first man I ever loved and you and I both know what that means. You have seen me win, you have seen me lose, you have seen me ecstatic, you have also seen me break down, you have seen me pursuing my dreams and you have seen me devastated cause of a shattered one too. Even though you are a man of fewer words, I understand that you have experienced all this with me. You have showered me with love and respect.

Daddy, not that things are going to change drastically, but I wouldn’t be turning to you for every single thing anymore. There will be things that I will need your advice on, so forgive me if I call you at odd hours. I remember how you kept my secrets from Maa, how you got me out of trouble without her knowing. Now, we have another person in our lives (my husband) that we need to keep things secret from.

You have been liberal yet strict, you have been my support and encouraged me to live independently, I learnt to love unconditionally and also to fight injustice, the qualities that I inherited from you are the prized possessions I have. I don’t need jewelry, a fancy wedding or a grand lehenga Daddy, I want you to feel proud of me, of the woman I’ve become.

It took me 25 years to see that, under the strong, self reliant and strict parent was a man who was my best friend, a man who would do anything to see me smile.

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