9 On Screen Romances That Stole Our Hearts!

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By Jayabhuvaneshwari B

Movies come in varieties of genres. Yet, one genre that doesn’t have many haters is Romance. Romance movies or Romantic Comedies are liked by most and some are even crazy about these movies. Why? Because, these movies tend to ensure that we travel into some kind of fantasy land, ignoring the reality we are living in. For the duration of the movie, we forget who we really are, and step into the shoes of the character who is a hopeless romantic. Although it’s fiction, we believe in the kind of love that is portrayed in these movies. By the end of the movie, which generally ends happily, we ship the couple on screen, as though their story is real. That is the magic of Romance! For all you Rom-Com lovers, here are 9 on screen Romances that Stole our Hearts! 


  • Pooja and Giri from Om Shanthi Oshana:

Om Shanthi Oshana is one of the most adorable Malayalam movies, which you should watch if you want to forget your worries for a few hours. Narrated by Pooja (Nazriya Nazim), this movie tells the story of her life and how she fell in love with Mr. Perfect Giri (Nivin Pauly). In the entire movie, the time where Pooja and Giri actually have a screen presence and dialogues together is very very little. For most of the movie it is Pooja crushing on Giri and following him wherever he goes. It is only at the very end that they even hold hands and come together in the movie. Yet, this movie makes us yearn for a love story like theirs because of the way the movie was taken and because of how natural Pooja’s love for Giri is. Nazriya’s child-like emotions and expressions when she sees Nivin every single time, is way too cute. The movie, at the very end makes us realise how adorable this couple is, when we see that all along Giri also had feelings for Pooja. 



  • Theeran Thirumaran and Priya from Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru:

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru is basically a story based on true events of crime. It narrates the story of Operation Bawaria headed by DGP Jangid. In no world would we think a movie like this would have an absolutely adorable love story. But, that love track is what makes the movie even more significant and emotional. The first half of the movie is all about this romance. Theeran (Karthi), who’s at his hometown for holidays, falls in love with his innocent yet lovely neighbour, Priya (Rakul Preet Singh) and makes her fall in love with him too. Their love story is something unique, because all she expects from him is his love, and nothing else. He literally gets transferred so many times and she still  doesn’t mind as long as she’s with him. He also goes to great lengths to ensure that his wife is happy. When Priya is attacked by the antagonists of the movie, Theeran is put in a situation of dilemma to choose between his wife and his duty for the country. He chooses the latter, a choice which does not come easily to him, given the love he had for his wife. This part of the movie makes their love a little more special and sentimental for us. 



  • Lilly and Chaithanya from Dear Comrade:

Typically, in this movie, Lilly (Rashmika Mandanna) has no reason to fall in love with Chaithanya (Vijay Devarakonda) given his rogue ways and incapability to control his anger. Still, she falls in love with him and tries to change him. The first half of Dear Comrade feels like a simple love story, where Chaithanya loves Lilly and confesses the same to her. She asks him to change his rogue ways, and he actually tries his level best to do that for her. That love, where you change for the one you love, seems like a stretch, but feels heartwarming and satisfying. Ofcourse, the movie then takes a steep turn where they separate ways and Chaithanya does not come back into Lilly’s life for 3 whole years. The movie becomes a story about how Lilly was Sexually Harassed, and how that has changed her forever. What we love about these two on screen is, Chainthanya doesn’t give up till the very end to fight for Lilly and Lilly finally gets the courage from him to open up about her experience. The fact that in spite of their flaws, they were with each other at the toughest of times, makes us want to live a life like theirs. 



  • Arjun and Sarah from Bangalore Days:

Bangalore Days is a movie that is filled with the concept of Love. Ajju, Kuttan and Kunju’s love for each other and Bangalore, Kunju’s love for Das, Das’ love for Natasha, Kuttan’s love for a traditional Malayalee girl and ofcourse, Ajju’s love for Sarah. While there were 3 couples in the story, it was Arjun (Dulquer Salman) and Sarah’s (Parvathy Thiruvothu) love story that stole our hearts. Arjun falls in love with Sarah, even before he meets her, just by listening to her voice on the radio. He is shocked after seeing that she is disabled and hesitates to meet her. But, eventually he realises that she doesn’t need his sympathy and that she needs to be seen for her strengths. This love story is special because it normalises this kind of love, which is not commonly portrayed in movies. Arjun has his own flaws and issues, starting with a dysfunctional family. Sarah’s mothers being cautious and caring for her, advises her to set the perfect career for herself rather than wasting her life. She is originally also not very fond of Arjun. In the end, however, it is them feeling happy for each other’s successes, and them feeling comfortable in each other’s arms that makes their love story something unique. 


  • Anu and Arjun from Oh My Kadavule:

Oh My Kadavule is a typical rom-com story that has equal parts romance and comedy. Anu (Rithika Singh) and Arjun (Ashok Selvan)  are the couple of your dreams because they are best friends turned partners. Their daily life struggles to start living as a couple is something very natural and relatable. This movie revolves around the concept that we do not understand the importance of something that is always with us, until we lose it at some point. Anu is always with Arjun and he doesn’t realise her value, until he tries to redo his life and realises what he is actually missing. Their small squabbles and fights are so damn adorable and makes the audience go ‘Awwww’ with admiration. A best friend turning into a life partner is the biggest blessing you could ask for because they know every inch of you and are still willing to accept you just the way you are. Anu and Arjun stole our hearts, because they proved this. 


  • Varun and Bhanumathi from Fidaa:

Varun (Varun Tej) and Bhanumathi’s ( Sai Pallavi) lifestyles are completely different and bear no resemblance whatsoever. However, fate ensures their meeting and also does the additional job of making them fall for each other. It is their lifestyle differences that forces them to part ways. Their dreams, career goals, and ideas about life are entirely different. But, there’s one thing they can’t live without; eachother. That’s what brings them together in the end. How much ever they try to be in denial about their love for eachother, it becomes impossible for them to ignore it, so much that Varun makes the ultimate sacrifice for Bhanu. Fidaa’s Varun and Bhanu were loved so much because of the things that they did for love and because they let their Love win over their Ego. 


  • Roselyn and Ali Ikka from Malik:

Malik is a political movie which has shades of Nayakan and Godfather in it, establishing the concept of a Don or a Leader. In a movie like this, you do not generally expect to see a significant love track. Even if they have one, it will be there only to establish a heroine for the Hero. The primary reason why Ali Ikka (Fahadh Faasil) and Roselyn (Nimisha Sajayan)  stand out is because their love track is as significant as the political part of the movie or the part that narrates Sulaiman’s past. Roselyn is the perfect partner for Ali Ikka because she compliments him in every way possible. He becomes street-smart from his experiences of smuggling and politics right from his childhood days. But, Roselyn just watches and learns from him so much that she completely fits in as his other half. When Ali Ikka is arrested, she doesn’t think twice to know what is to be done. Being the wife of a leader of sorts, is not easy. Yet, Roselyn stays with him, through thick and thin, even when there is constant fear of danger and death for all of them and even after she loses her son. Afterall, isn’t this the kind of love we all want in life? 



  • Suriya and Meghna from Vaaranam Aayiram:

Varanam Aayiram is a movie that reinforces the idea of Love At First Sight. It only takes Suriya (Suriya) one look at Meghna (Sameera Reddy) for him to fall head over heels in love with her. He instantly writes a song about her, goes down on one knee amidst a busy railway station and travels all the way to America without an address to find this girl he met one night in a train. These define the actions of the hopeless romantic that Suriya is in this movie. Meghna on the other hand doesn’t believe in love at first sight and doesn’t trust Suriya in the beginning. But she realises that his love is serious and true when he comes with no information whatsoever, to a place all new for him, only to find her. That makes her trust and confide in him. Their love, though short-lived, is very romantic because Meghna takes time to understand him and then eventually falls in love with him. The process that makes her fall in love with him, and the love he has for her that can be seen in his very eyes makes it all the more difficult for the watchers to digest the fact that they’re not going to unite after all. 


  • Poorna and Sravani from Majili:

Poorna (Naga Chaitanya) and Sravani (Samantha) are not the first ones to come to our mind when we talk about adorable and romantic couples. In fact, they may even seem unfit in this list of On Screen couples that stood out. But the main reason why they’re included in this list is because this movie showed the real life scenario of many couples who are forced into marriage, eventually start loving each other but don’t know how to express that love. The way Poorna treats Sravani makes you want to hate a character like his. But, the story of his first love makes you realise the pain he goes through and also why Sravani is patient with him. Sravani has loved Poorna from a very young age, but she has never expressed it to him. Poorna’s past blinds him from seeing the amount of love Sravani has for him. Their life becomes living hell as they fail to express their care for each other. The ending of Majili gives hope to a lot of real life couples who suffer from the same problem. It encourages them to communicate and express their feelings and end their life of misery. While all the other couples in this list are adorable for their fictional characters and performances, Poorna and Sravani stand out because they narrate the story of many couples’ reality. 

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