8 Blockbuster Movies With the Same Storyline

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After Vijay’s latest movie Theri released, we take a look at some of the movies which have had the same story line over the years! Story: Hero leads a normal life in the first half, but has a back story to himself that is revealed in the second half of the movie. The climax is on how he confronts his past. These movies have been blockbuster hits and continue to exist as a genre! Check out our list of 8 movies which has more or less the same story line! 



Vijay runs a bakery in Kerala and lives with his daughter peacefully until some disturbances is caused by his daughter’s school teacher. Next, we come to know that Vijay was an able police officer a few years ago. His family gets killed by the villain but Vijay and his daughter miraculously escape to live a very subtle life in Kerala. Vijay is forced by the villain to set things right from his past life.



Baasha JFW Magazine


The movie that we suspect which inspired all other movies in the list! Baasha is one classic example of this kind of genre. A humble auto driver named Manikam is living with his family but certain situations arise and his identity is revealed. We cut to flashback and learn that Manikam, is actually Manik Baasha, a don who once ruled Mumbai. He moved to Chennai leaving his don life behind after his best friend gets killed.



Gentleman JFW Magazine


We see Arjun (Kicha) as this soft, dedicated guy who runs a home made appalam business. Meanwhile there are various robberies taking place in government agencies. The police officer in charge of the nabbing the thief, narrows down to Arjun and finds out that Arjun is behind these robberies. It is then revealed to us via flashback that Arjun was denied a medical college seat due to bribery and he had lost his mother, played by Manorama, due to the incident. We also learn that Arjun had been stealing to build a medical college of his own.



kanthaswamy JFW Magazine


In another classic example, Vikram plays an Income tax officer. But he’s more than that. His childhood friends and Vikram are making people’s wishes come true by disguising Vikarm as Lord Muruga. They steal black money from wealthy people and give it to the poor and needy who make wishes. Vikram gives information to his friends on who owns black money as he works as an Income tax officer.



Anniyan JFW Magazine


Though a little different from others, this movie too had Vikram play a timid character called Ambi, who is honest person and lives by the rules. He sees a lot of injust happening around him and people violating rules. This triggers a split personality, an alter-ego, inside him called Anniyan, the film’s hero. Anniyan punishes wrongdoers as punishments prescribed in old Hindu scriptures.



Samurai JFW Magazine


Vikram lives this nomad lifestyle but actually leads a gang who kidnap corrupt politicians who use loopholes in the law. Why Vikram does this? We cut to flashback to learn that his collegemate played by Jayaseal committed suicide when Vikram refused to help her expose a drug racket in their college. After that incident, Vikarm takes the law in his own hands to punish corrupt politicians.



Citizen JFW Magazine


Ajith who leads a life as a mechanic makes mysterious disappearances. He is behind the kidnapping of a collector, a judge and a police officer. The officer in charge of finding the culprits behind the kidnappings is Nagma. She learns that it has to do with a fishing hamlet named Athipatti. To her surprise she finds that the village and its inhabitants have been wiped off official records few decades ago. Ajith then reveals that the three officers abused their power to wipe out his village and he is the lone survivor of the atrocities.



Yennai Arindhal JFW Magazine


Though this film does not have a flashback, it is still the same story where the hero turns soft and moves away from his real identity. The story begins with a police officer disguised as a goon, becomes friends with another goon, (played by Arun Vijay) as he tries to infiltrate their gang. Arun Vijay kills Ajith’s love interest Trisha on the day of their wedding. Ajith leaves with Trisha’s daughter Isha (from an earlier marriage) to travel around India and never to return. He is forced to confront his past enemies when they kidnap Isha.



Madhurey JFW Magazine


Vijay is a vegetable seller in the first half of the movie. We see him fight goons and help the needy. In the second half we are revealed that Vijay was actually the district collector once. He used to be an officer who fights for justice and helps people. He comes across a frightening villain, Pasupathy, who does not like Vijay’s ways. He kills Vijay’s PA, played by Sonia Agarwal, and blames it on Vijay. Thus Vijay maintains a low profile as vegetable vendor to seek revenge.


Written By: Subashini Suresh

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