8 Best Women-centric movies of 2021!

Stories of Women, featuring women, for women!

Indian cinema offered us a wide variety of movies this year. As usual, not many were women-centric, but the ones that were made of the theme were worth watching and managed to do justice to the feministic idea. So, here are 8 best women-centric movies of 2021:


  • Kamali From Nadukkaveri:

Starring Kayal Anandhi, Kamali from Nadukkaveri is a simple story revolving around the life of a happy-go-lucky Kamali. Directed by Rajasekhar Duraisamy, the movie just follows Kamali’s wish to place herself in a prestigious educational institution and how she actually achieves that dream. Hailing from a small village in Nadukkaveri, Kamali’s hard work inspires many more from the village to actually become like her. The movie is a very simple flow of Kamali’s life and the difficulties she faced in achieving an academic height because of her roots. Anandhi’s performance as a fun-loving girl made the movie even more fun to watch. 


  • Anbirkiniyal:

Anbirkiniyal is the remake of Anna Ben’s Malayalam movie Helen. The movie, starring Keerthi Pandian, is about Anbirkiniyal getting locked in a freezer room and how she fights to stay alive. The movie made quite some noise in Malayalam and it was Anna Ben’s breakthrough film after she was recognised through Kumbalangi Nights. This, being a remake of Helen, was equally good with similarly good performances. Being a relatively new actor, Keerthi Pandian did great justice to her role in the film. 


  • Thittam Irandu:

Starring Aishwarya Rajesh, Thittam Irandu was a crime-thriller with Aishwarya playing the role of a cop. Being a mystery, the movie demanded a serious performance and Aishwarya delivered it without doubt. Directed by Vignesh Karthick, the movie involves Aishwarya Rajesh investigating the disappearance of her friend, and the clues that she discovers leads to something big and unimaginable. The movie also starred Ananya Ramprasad, a newbie, whose performance helped carry the movie forward. It was a different kind of a crime-thriller which received mixed reviews. 


  • Netrikann:

Nayanthara has increasingly been focusing on doing women-centric movies and has done quite a few. In 2021, she gave us Netrikann, where she played the role of a blind cop who also happens to become a prime witness in a serial-abduction case. Directed by Milind Rau, the movie deals with how she solves the case in spite of her visual challenge. Her performance is worth a mention as she pretty much nailed the role of a visually challenged character. Having a male antagonist, the movie also established that a woman is no less than a man, as she gives a tough fight and wins against him in the end. The movie received great appreciation and all actors in the movie gave wonderful performances. 


  • Sara’s :

Starring Anna Ben, Sara’s was a women-centric movie that delivered a food for thought to its audience. Directed by Jude Anthany Joseph, the movie entirely talks about Sara’s decision against having children, and how she faces society having taken such a decision. The movie is one that not only spoke about a woman’s choice to give birth and have children, but also spoke about parenting in general. With a very different storyline, a not-talked-about-much concept, and the convincing performance of Anna Ben, the movie surely sowed a seed of thought in every watchers’ mind. 


  • The Great Indian Kitchen:

As the name suggests, The Great Indian Kitchen was a movie that spoke about a topic that deserves attention, but is not spoken about much. Starring Nimisha Sajayan in the lead, the movie focuses on the idea of patriarchy where women are forced to slog in the kitchen and serve men while they earn and fulfill the financial needs of the household. The movie was a silence-breaker that spoke about many regressive ideas and how womens’ lives are made very difficult because of these ideas. Nimisha’s performance was notable as it was half of what the movie meant to deliver. 


  • Thalaivi:

Starring Kangana Ranaut, Thalaivi was the most-awaited Biopic of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. Directed by A L Vijay, the movie tells the actor-turned politician’s story from start to end. Kangana’s performance was praise-worthy, and the costumes and make-up went hand-in-hand to make the audience believe that the actor actually played Jayalalithaa.


  • Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum:

This movie, directed by Vasanth S Sai, is an anthology of 3 films, starring Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Parvathy Thiruvothu and Kalieswari Srinivasan. The movie deals with 3 short women-centric stories, set in different periods, and the life they’re put up with because of their partners and families. All three leads did a wonderful job with their performances, out of which Lakshmi Priya, playing Sivaranjini, was the most notable performance. The movie is surely worth a watch for all those who haven’t watched it yet. 

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