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By Jayabhuvaneshwari B

If we look back to the 90’s, there was one iconic actress who ruled the screens when it came to Tamil Cinema. The Tamil audience went crazy over her movies and often went to the theatre only to watch her perform. With almost 70+ movies in Tamil itself and many more in Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu, this actress has a huge fan following, even today. Yes, you guessed it right! It is none other than actress Revathi. 

Revathi, who’s real name is Asha Kelunni is known for movies like Punnagai Mannan, Magalir Mattum, Mouna Ragam and Vaidehi Kathirundhal. She has acted along with almost all major actors back in the 80’s and 90’s and is continuing to act till date. While we probably remember Revathi as Divya from Mouna Ragam or as Chitra from Anjali, she has also nailed some amazing performances in recent times. Here are 7 adorable performances of Revathi in recent times:


  • As Radha Swaminathan in 2 States:

2 States is a movie that we all love for various reasons. But, one character that is unforgettable in the entire movie is surely Radha Swaminathan. Radha is the strict mother of Ananya who worries constantly about the wellbeing of her daughter. She portrays the role of a typical house-wife who is often not allowed to speak much. Her perseverance in singing is just too inspiring in the film. Her passive-aggressive dialogues and dilemma towards Krish was wholesome. Revathi nailed the character of Radha, a mother who wants to accept her daughter’s lover, but is also worried about society and her family. 


  • As Poonthendral in Power Paandi:

In Power Paandi, Revathi gave a whole new definition to old-age romance. Playing the older-self of Madonna Sebastian, along with Rajkiran, Revathi actually proved that young love can be rekindled at any point in your life. With a child-like character and a heart full of love, Poonthendral really makes us want to be in her place. The entire film soared only in the portions where Revathi played her role as she made the movie worth-watching, at least for her performance. 


  • As Masha in Gulebaghavali:

Masha in Gulebaghavali is a revival of Revathi’s role in Arangetra Velai. There and here she acts as a small-time thief who tries her best at trickery and fraud. Ofcourse, Gulebaghavali gave a very different character arc to Revathi, considering her to be the major comic-relief in the movie. She had quite the serious role in Arangetra Velai. One thing for sure is, Revathi is the cutest and the most adorable petty-thief you could ever find. As an older con-woman, she does an excellent job even at stunt-scenes, even though she doesn’t do much,  because of the energy and purpose she puts into her character. Revathi’s Masha is a performance you should watch if you want to have a good laugh. 


  • As C K Prameela in Virus:

Virus being the real-life story of the Nipah Virus spread in Kerala, has Revathi playing C K Prameela, the role of Shailaja Teacher who was the then Health Minister of Kerala. The movie is a very serious one, talking about the difficulties that the people of Kerala faced and also the way the state actually tackled the spread. Revathi portrayed the Shailaja Teacher in the best way possible and her role is one that stands out in the movie. She handles the role of a Minister beautifully and in a way that pays tribute to her contributions.  


  • As Dr. Nandhini in Amma Kanakku:

Revathi plays a supporting character in this movie which has Amala Paul in the lead. In spite of a lesser screen-time, Revathi made her character worthwhile. Shanti works as a maid in the house of Dr. Nandhini, who guides her in every aspect of life and acts as her well wisher. Even when Shanthi’s daughter doesn’t wish to study, it is Nandhini who asks her to challenge her daughter. As Nandhini, Revathi showed confidence and care towards her maid, something we do not find commonly. Nandhini is that well-wisher we all wish to have in our lives.


  • As Mashavaani in Jackpot:

Jackpot is a movie that did not fare well. But if people tend to remember it, it is mostly because of Revathi’s performance as Maasha. Again, Revathi nails the role of a con-woman, this time a stylish one, almost heroic, speaking punch-lines and dancing to heavy beats. The movie is soulfully entertaining and just too hilarious only because of Revathi’s performance. The comic side of the actress is completely revealed in this movie. 


  • As Shubhangini Damle in Margarita With A Straw:

It is not easy to be a mother. Especially not when you believe in something and your child believes in something else. As Aai (mother) in this movie, Revathi is a dull middle-class mother who wants to protect and support her daughter and at the same time ensure that she doesn’t make a mistake in her life. As a mother to a daughter with cerebral palsy, Revathi wonderfully portrays the role of a concerned mother who has still not understood the LGBTQ+ community. The way she comes over her differences with her daughter towards the end is just heartwarming. 


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