6 Times Actresses Were Given Meaningless Roles In Kollywood!

All recent films, all disappointingly written!

When one watches Indian cinema now, it appears that we have come a long way. The older films, albeit with a few exceptions, relied on story-lines wherein the female lead didn’t often go beyond domestic duties towards the male characters in her life. So when one watches films today, we have a bunch of films to be proud of where the character arcs of actresses have gotten better, bolder, and, sometimes, at par with the male lead.

But despite progression, we still go two steps behind when we have lazily-written roles given to actresses, whose roles never go beyond their beauty or physical attributes. Where they serve as the love interest in the hero’s lives, with their characters remaining unnecessary, a real travesty considering actresses are just as capable as that of actors.

From playing the same role again and again, to roles that are easy to get rid off, here’s a look at 6 actresses whose roles were so meaningless that even if they were missing, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference!

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