6 Progressive mothers of Tamil Cinema who won our hearts!

Mothers are like this are the need of the hour!

Everything begins at home. The good, the bad, our character, behavior all of it starts at our own nest. There’s a saying that goes, “Who we are is based on where are we are from and whom we are with”. This may not follow for all but does for most. Seeing our dad raise his voice against our mothers, mothers sacrificing their time and passion for the sake of us, our moms not being let to enjoy their lives, etc. have become so rooted and normalized that it is shocking when they choose the unconventional.

It is high time we normalize and encourage our dear mothers to do as they wish. It is okay to be divorced, be a single mother, get out of an abusive relationship, put their career over their family, starting their own business at the age of 50, sacrificing it all for their family, whatever their choice is, let them be! They not just emerge successful in finding their self, happiness but also emerge as true inspiration and role models to their little kids who grow to be responsible future for our country tomorrow. This kind of progressive and forward-thinking of encouraging these women has got to certain filmmakers and made them showcase certain modern mothers on the big screen.


Vasanthi from 36 Vayadhinile
36 Vayadhinile marked the comeback movie of Jyotika where she played the role of a mother of a teenager – Vasanthi is one of the best roles in her career. Vasanthi is an innocent mother who does so much for her family but has never been respected. Understanding her worth, Vasanthi decides to begin her own business despite several struggles, setbacks, mockery, and societal pressures. This kind of late than never attitude and step towards her self-realization made her daughter and family realize how true of an inspiration she is. This progressive behavior not just uplifts her, but also several women who were inspired by Vasanthi. She not just was a giving mother for her daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law but was also a woman of her dreams.



Rajamatha Sivagami Devi from Bahubali
Rajamatha played by Ramya Krishnan is probably one of the most feminist roles in Indian Cinema. She was kind, bold, and ahead of her time. She single-handily ruled her chauvinist kingdom as a woman and established a successful reign out of ruins. This role gave such strong hints of feminism that proved she can do anything a man does. She again set pretty high mother goals, teaching her sons equality, respect, pride, and love.



Indra from Kannathil Muthamittal
Indra was a progressive woman long before her three children. She broke so many stereotypes like making the first move in her love life, adopting a young girl despite several societal pressures, leading space for her career, trying to fulfill her kid’s dream of uniting with her estranged mother – This role played by Simran screamed feminism throughout its portrayal in the movie.


Padma from Kandukondain Kandukondain
Padma played by Srividya is one of the strongest and bold characterizations of the portrayal of a mother in Tamil cinema unlike its conventional go-to portrayal for the character of a mother. She is fierce, stubborn single-mother raises three girl child, sets up her own business in a foreign city despite being a rich zamindar in he home town. She is progressive of her times for letting her kids explore and make big in their lives. She even stands us a stern example for them to pursue their dreams in this man’s world.



Anjali Vikramadithyan from Imaikka Nodigal
Anjali is a smart CBI officer, loving mother, and widow who tries to solve a heinous crime involving a dangerous serial killer. This strong woman is a single mother that raises her kid all alone by not falling into the trap of societal pressures. She raises her kid just fine all while doing one of the hardest jobs in a man’s world. This character played by Nayanthara not just shows anything can be done via this role but also shows others she can do it all and still be a great mother to her kid.



Mahalakshmi from M. Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi is a strong, independent woman who gave up everything for her love. But, when she knew she was a hindrance for her husband, she decided to leave and raise her son all alone in a man’s world. She raised her son to be a perfect feminist and a world-class boxer.

These roles coming these years sure seem like a start in the right path of showing progressiveness and forward-thinking that can help make a promising and fruitful cinema future!

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