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6 Most Annoying Characters Of Tamil Cinema! 

God help us.

Cinema offers us many things; it gives us great movies to cherish and greater characters to remember. There are characters that we love and adore. We can never get enough of them; sometimes we watch the movie repeatedly for that character. Two people are important in building this character, the one playing it and the one who sculpts it, the writer or in most cases the director. Unfortunately, not all times these two do a good job, or even a decent job, because of which we end up with some highly irritating characters that end up spoiling the whole movie for us. You can relate, isn’t? We all can because we have all been there and witnessed these irritating characters played by our favourite actors. To make sure we do not make the mistake again, here are six most irritating characters from Tamil Cinema:


Siva in Remo.

The character Siva played by Siva Karthikeyan in Remo is highly irritating. For starters, he falls in love with a girl he barely met few minutes and then sings a song where he says he will not accept her if she comes just like that, he will go behind her and irritate her and only then accept her. Great fantasy, but what comes next is the shocking part. He actually does it. He just like that follows this random girl to her house and sees she is engaged, any sensible person would walk away, but Siva decides to stalk her and worse disguises himself as a woman and does fake nurse duty in a hospital, because no one cares about some man handling patients, all one needs is him wooing the love of his life who he doesn’t even know. He does stupid things and considers it romantic. Worse, he sings songs telling the girl betrayed him when she didn’t even know who he was. However, as in all Tamil cinema, the hero wins because the heroine is stupid enough to believe him.

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