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6 Most Annoying Characters Of Tamil Cinema! 

God help us.


Kajal in All in all Azhaguraja.

Kajal has done many meaningless roles, but this one is the worst of them all. The whole film was stupid, but her character was testing the patience of many. She plays Chitra Devi Priya who is the daughter of a rich business person. She manages her own theatre, considers herself a great singer, and realizes she is bad only after the hero tells it. Hadn’t she heard herself before? She takes Bharatanatyam classes from a man who whips himself on the streets and earns money, she doesn’t even realize what she is learning is not Bharatanatyam. She is an adult woman, by the way. Even a child knows the dance form, but Rajesh’s heroine doesn’t. Above all, she falls in love with a guy who says she will fail in anything she tries when she fails at killing herself. Though the whole film is irritating, she is the one who people found the most irritating.

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