6 awesome transformation of actors!!

These first looks are so damn lit!

If you thought Tamil Cinema does not have method actors and experimentation, thing again! These stars have gone out of their way to shed their commercial skin and don the costume of mystery with these awesome transformations. Check out our list of 6 fresh looks of stars who have gotten so lit!



R Madhavan as Nambi Narayanan in ‘Rocketry’

If you have been keeping up with cinema news lately, you must have come across the latest film teaser that’s been doing the rounds. Madhavan’s next film Rocketry‘s teaser has had many declaring how promising it looks and why the story of the protagonist that the actor plays needs to be told.

Rocketry, directed by Ananth Mahadevan, is about an extraordinary man named Nambi Narayanan. The film will focus on the scientist’s life and the ISRO espionage case. It has been made in Tamil, Hindi and English. The multi-lingual film will focus on how Nambi Narayanan was in-charge of the cryogenics division.

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